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On the Menu: More Security

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Recently, the National Restaurant Association co-hosted a chat via its Twitterfeed, dealing with issues of payment security. This is of particular concern to NRA members, since many of the most headline-grabbing hacks have come at eateries, like PF Chang’s, Dairy...

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Samsung Moves Into Payments; “Hackers Never Sleep”

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The news and changes in payments keep moving along at a clip -- well, at a clip almost as fast as the digits who are changing the ways those payments are made. On the very day of this post, Samsung has announced the purchase of LoopPay, a start-up in the world of...

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As a business owner, you know that many customers prefer to make card payments. If you don't have a tool for credit card processing, then it is likely that you are making your customers frustrated since they are unable to use their preferred form of payment. What Kind...

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