Are Small Businesses Evolving Fast Enough for Customers’’ Mobile Needs?

In the same week where the smallness and flexibility of small businesses is being touted in an article explaining how small specialized bookstores may outlast the giant Barnes & Noble chain, comes a report from payments firm ControlScan and TransFirst, suggesting  that small businesses (those processing fewer than 20,000 e-commerce or 1 million physical card transactions annually), may be missing the boat in responding to one growing critical need: the ability to respond to a customer base increasingly seeking both information, and payment options, on mobile platforms.

Happy Small Business Week!

Here at AVPS solutions, we salute all our customers celebrating National Small Business Week! Started in 1963 by President Kennedy, “one thing that hasn’t changed,” according to the latest White House statement, “is America’s entrepreneurial spirit and the important role that small business owners play in our economy and our communities.”

Customer Feedback

We wanted to take a minute to share just a few of the wonderful reviews we’ve received from customers recently:

EMVs and Travel

As noted in this space before, new EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) security standards are slowly coming to credit cards in America. Basically, the card relies on a chip, rather than a magnetic stripe, for its pertinent information, and its information is harder to clone, or hack.

Another “Phantom Menace:” Contactless Charges

This is a follow up on a couple of recent items we’ve had here lately, about security not only in an age of mobile technology, but security in an age where information between devices can be transferred with a literal “touch,” or “bump.”