Away From The Brick and Mortar—Innovative Business Models Need Innovative Payment Solutions

If there is one business trend that’s on the rise, it’s a departure from the brick and mortar storefront. From food trucks to farmers’ markets, ecommerce to pop-ups, creative entrepreneurs are getting away from traditional business models. This trend can be attributed to many reasons; some businesses had to get away from the overheard during the financial crisis, new entrepreneurs may not want to take big financial risks early on, and others have simply re-envisioned how they want to operate their businesses while reaching target customers.

The good news for aspiring business owners is that this trend is proving to be a good one. It’s allowing new brands to start on a small scale and build a customer base. It also prevents start-ups from jumping into a larger investment they may not be ready for, and getting in over their heads.

While this movement to innovative service styles is gaining popularity, these entrepreneurs are also learning that being a cash-only business is not feasible. A huge chunk of the population no longer carries cash, instead relying on debit and credit cards exclusively. Everything from parking meters to vending machines are being outfitted with mobile credit card readers, a testament to this economic reality. For creative start-ups to succeed, they still need to include mobile processing as part of their plan.

Getting mobile processing set up, including iPhone credit card processing, isn’t just about obtaining the equipment, and small businesses need someone on their side. As a merchant account solutions provider, AVPS specializes in setting small and unique businesses up with the right payment solutions, including mobile processing, check acceptance, and even smart ecommerce tools. From large retailers to sole proprietors, we help connect our clients with the right tools for success. And as for this growing trend of innovation? We love to see how this trend of thinking out of the business box is enriching our economy and our communities.


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