Our mission at AVP Solutions is to equip our merchants with the most comprehensive services and the highest level of customer service available.  In that tradition, we are proud to announce the addition of SmartIDentity for Business (SID4B) to our core suite of services!

You have received a product overview and notification letter and we have shared the value proposition of SID4B with you in previous blog posts.  Now we will additionally be offering SID4B Solution Awareness and Product Overview Training, as well.  These trainings will be provided by the solution provider that powers SID4B and will be customized to AVP Solutions and to your specific product and data breach response planning questions.

Technological changes are constantly making individuals and businesses more vulnerable to ID theft and data breach events and we cannot afford to ignore these growing threats in the future.  With this dramatic rise in breaches, hacks and ransomware  and continued increase in entity theft, the addition of SID4B by AVP Solutions is a timely and , necessary cost effective solution.

SID4B includes a comprehensive suite of both pre-data breach and post-data breach services to help you prevent, detect, mitigate and restore!  SID4B provides you with numerous tools to assist you in mitigating risk even before a breach happens and provides you with the necessary tools to quickly respond if it does.

Please join the SID4B Solution Awareness and Product Overview Training, Wednesday, April 19th at 11:00 A.M. PST. Click the link above or contact AVPS for more information!