Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

Card Processing Solutions for Business

Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

Every business needs the ability to accept credit cards. Whether you’re a new business or an existing business looking to change credit card processing providers, there are several things you should look for in a provider.

Do they provide you with a credit card virtual terminal?

A credit card virtual terminal gives you the flexibility to accept credit cards not only using a credit card swiper, but also online, and even manually (useful for over-the-phone transactions). You need to ensure you never miss a sale in any form and can take payment by any method, any time, any place.

Are their credit card processing rates competitive?

Every bit counts and if you’re not paying a competitive fee, you’re losing money. Be sure you’re not overpaying by looking for the lowest industry fees.

Do they teach you how to make money processing credit cards?

Some providers set you up and then leave you on your own. You want a provider that will not only ensure you can navigate your system, quickly solve problems, and educate you on the basics, but that will also teach you how to make money with credit card processing.

Is their customer service available around-the-clock to help you solve problems?

Customer service is a big deal for any business because you never know when problems will arise and you will need help. Look for customer service that’s timely, friendly, and experienced.

How quickly can they get you set up to accept credit cards?

No one wants to wait for weeks to have their application processed and to get set up. You’re ready to start accepting credit cards now so make sure that your provider can process your application quickly and have you rocking and rolling in no time.

When you need card processing solutions, you need AVP Solutions. We meet every one of the standards above and more. Contact us today with any questions or apply now!

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