AVP Solutions Launches “SID” (SmartIDentity for Business) Training; Join us on April 19th

Our mission at AVP Solutions is to equip our merchants with the most comprehensive services and the highest level of customer service available. 

Breaches Predicted; Help is Coming

The CIO website is rife with predictions on coming cyber threats and data breaches for the coming year, laid out across several different articles.

Merchant Cash Advances Help Businesses Take the Leap Toward Growth and Expansion

The leap—that magical moment when a small business is ready to take operations to the next level. The logistics of expansion present many challenges.

Toronto Film Fest: Lights, Cameras… New Payment Tech!

The Toronto Film Festival unfolds — “unspools,” perhaps — in its namesake city every fall, and has become the unofficial kickoff to “Oscar season,”…

Payment Times Keep A-Changin’ – New Technologies, Shifting Consumer Trends

The payments news cycle is once again filled with predictable data breaches (both of the IRS and even less discreet varieties), and we hope being a regular reader of these updates has somewhat indemnified you…

Small Business is Optimistic — But Is It Ready For EMVs?

Shopkeep is a cloud-based technology company  used by more than 18,000 different small businesses, to keep track of things like payroll, inventory, etc. They are also prone to surveying their customers and compiling the info in what they called their “ShopKeep Small Business Index,” or SSBI They just announced the release for their survey for the second quarter of 2015, and the good news is that “survey respondents reported their highest revenue and optimism to date.”

Retail Merchant Account FAQs

Designed for stores and retail businesses of all sizes, a retail merchant account  is a system that allows you to accept credit or debit cards for sales of products and services. This type of account processes transactions when the card holder is present with the card being used.

The Science of Super Bowl Spending — and ID Theft

Economics has been called an imperfect science by some of its critics, and differing conclusions about the benefits of the recent Super Bowl to the local economy may show that the field does still lack the precision regularly used by, say, astrophysicists.

“I Spy” More Changes in Payments, More Need For Security

As you know from being a savvy/frequent readers of these posts, the world of payments shares a critical motif with life itself: Change is the only constant. And by “change,” we don’t mean those coins in your pocket, left over from the last time you used cash. No, we’re talking about how the way payments are made is shifting, faster and faster — bringing along the need for constantly-changing security, as well.