Falling Gas Prices Mean More Money in Consumers’ Pockets—How Your Business Can Benefit

Falling Gas Prices

Falling Gas Prices Mean More Money in Consumers’ Pockets

How Your Business Can Benefit from Falling Gas Prices

As gas prices hit their lowest point in a decade, consumers experience a much-appreciated increase in expendable income. This boost in spending power benefits retailers and various businesses, but it poses unfortunate news for the oil and gas industry. As a leader in merchant account solutions, AVPS wants our clients to make the most of this trend.

Ideas For Making The Most Of Those from Falling Gas Prices

Amp up Advertising Efforts

  • After the holiday season, small business advertising tends to decrease. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that your customers currently possess the time and financial resources, and it is imperative to maintain your business’s prominence in their thoughts. You can take a direct approach in your advertisements, emphasizing the current low gas prices as an opportunity to seize and make that desired purchase.

Offer Specials or Sales

  • When contemplating a customer who’s uncertain about a purchase, the existence of a perceived deal and additional funds are likely to sway the balance in your favor.

Understand What’s on The Horizon for Your Customers

  • As spring approaches, bringing with it a flurry of activities such as home and garden projects, weddings, graduations, and wardrobe updates, it becomes increasingly important to actively promote the products and services that are most likely to captivate your customers’ interest during this vibrant season.

Make Sure Your Operations and Inventory are Always at Top Notch

  • Transform your business, optimizing both appearance and functionality.


As a company specializing in business merchant services, we truly want to support our clients in the journeys to success. Always keep in mind that our team is readily available to assist you in optimizing your merchant bank account. As the go-to source for payment processing solutions.

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