Go Mobile with a Credit Card Reader

No matter what business you’re in, a mobile phone credit card reader can put your business on the go. Imagine the possibilities when you are no longer limited to checks and cash transactions. Imagine being able to set up shop anywhere you’d like and accept payment in any form, including plastic. You can also eliminate the problem of losing up sell opportunities because your customer only has a limited amount of cash. Options start opening up and your bottom line starts increasing.

A phone credit card reader can take your business to the next level by allowing you to easily sell products or services at trade shows, farmer’s markets, home parties, kiosks, street corners, or anywhere else that you can get an internet connection. Now the access that big box retailers have always had to credit card processing is available to you via your cell phone.

If you provide lawn care services, home maintenance, babysitting services, or even transportation, you can now let your customers know that you now accept credit card payments. So not only does this make your life easier and more profitable, but it provides added convenience for your clients. They no longer have to run to an ATM to get cash for your services before you arrive or write a check that they’d rather not write; they can simply allow you to swipe their card in your cell phone credit card reader.

Whether you need a credit card reader for Android or iPhone credit card processing, AVP Solutions can have you ready to accept credit card payments using your mobile phone in no time! All you need to do is set up your merchant account and install the application on your phone. Then you’re ready to attach the credit card swiper when it’s time to accept a payment.

Submit your application today and go mobile!

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