Payments Processing and Merchant Solutions In Los Angeles, California

AVPS is a payment processing solution that offers cost-effective and easy to manage services for enterprises of all sizes. The single platform can be used by companies in any industry, from healthcare organizations payment processing or merchant solutions—AVPS has you covered!

We are all about helping businesses grow and succeed. Whether you’re an online store, physical storefront, or high-risk business, we have the perfect solution for making payments more manageable so that your focus can be on growth!

Our Services Include

  • Online or Virtual Payment Solutions – Virtual Payment Gateways and  ACH & eCheck Processing
  • In-Store or Retail Solutions
  • Storefront Solutions – POS, Counter Top Terminals, Mobile Terminals
  • High-Risk Industry Solutions – Cash Advances and Business Funding, Chargeback Protection, Cyber Security

Have you been looking for a reliable company in Los Angeles, California, to help with your credit card processing and debt collection needs? We are here at the perfect time! Our staff is experienced in all aspects of these services, so don’t hesitate – contact us today.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies, from small mom & pop shops to Fortune 500 giants. This gives us the confidence we can help your business grow! If you don’t see yourself listed below or need assistance getting started on the right track, please give me a call – we’ll be happy to provide personalized advice tailored just for you.

Some of our working domains include

Retail Storefronts – 

  • Collection Agencies 
  • Adult Industry
  • Tobacco
  • Travel Industry
  • Vitamin & Supplements
  • Antiques & Collectibles

High-Risk Industries- 

  • Restaurants
  • Tribal 
  • Food Trucks and Mobile Stores
  • Cafe and Dessert Shops
  • Jewelry and luxury

Let our team of experts take care of all the headaches and details so you can focus on what matters: running a successful retail business. Book an appointment today, or give us a call if there’s anything else we can do for you!