The “Reference” Desk: Earn Money for AVPS Referrals!

Did you know you can make a little extra pocket change for referring merchants to AVP Solutions?  Every time you send an eligible merchant our way, for whom AVPS can provide bankcard and other cashless services, you get to be cash-full!

You get $50 for each referral that turns into an “Approved” account — so the more merchants you send our way, the more the bonuses add up!

As for the fine print, that means that AVPS will go ahead and provide the referred merchant with a merchant services application, agreement and forms, and will provide assistance in completing such forms. Once that merchant is turned into an “approved” account, you’re entitled to your half-a-C-note!
Think of colleagues with whom you can share your general happiness with AVPS’ level of service and commitment, and with whom you can spread the word about on-the-spot processing, electronic checks, and so many other ways to make it easier for your customers to pay you.

Then think of all those back-to-school and holiday expenses that fall and winter bring and things become even clearer: Help spread the wealth about AVPS’ merchant services, and let some of that wealth spread back to you!

For more information, or to follow up on any of the merchant services you’re already enjoying, contact, or phone (818) 657-3640

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