Two Billion Cardholders Coming to the U.S.?

UnionPay Cards

Two Billion Cardholders Coming to the U.S.?

In challenging economic times, where might two billion new cardholders come from? Two billion “sudden” new customers, most of them ready to start buying U.S. goods online?
If you guessed the Peoples’ Republic of China, you’d be right. But if you second-guessed yourself and said, “wait, most people don’t really use Visa or Mastercard over there, so that can’t be right after all,”  well, you’d be wrong. True, we’re not talking about well-known Western charge card brands, but we are talking about two billion people with credit, ready to start buying in new markets.
And in China, the card most consumers use is called UnionPay Cards and has been in existence for ten years, as the result of an association established with the approval of both the State Council and the People’s Bank of China.

Most Western merchants haven’t heard of the card — preferred by up to 98% of China’s card users — since there’s been no way for them to accept charges on it, even when used for online purchases.

That is, until now.

Introducing eGATE: The Gateway to China’s Market

AVP Solutions is pleased to announce a strategic partnership that uses the eGate eCommerce payment processing gateway, which enables your business to accept payments from those two billion new customers wielding UnionPay cards. One of the roadblocks until now was the way China authorizes transactions in contrast to practices in the west. However, the gateway melds these  two diverse payment cultures together.

eGATE Highlights Include:

*  China merchant account with connectivity to all major banks

*  Multi-lingual (English, Chinese) switchable interface

*   Acceptance of UnionPay debit and credit cards

*   Advanced real-time reporting

*  Settlement in most major currencies including the USD

*  Shopping cart compatibility through a simple API

*   Issuance of refunds with ease directly or through the shopping cart via the  API

* An API to integrate directly with the merchant’s  Shopping Cart  (“Checkout”) with a UnionPay Credit/Debit card “Buy
Now” button integration

Find Your Gateway to Success

Furthermore, we will be featuring supplementary informative articles about AVP Solutions’ latest eGATE alliance and its potential advantages for your business. If you’d like to know more, contact your AVP Representative to Learn More.

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