What Is a Virtual Merchant Account?

A virtual merchant account allows you to enter sales online from wherever you have an internet connection. Whether you are a virtual merchant or a brick and mortar business, this type of account can benefit you. While a virtual merchant usually processes many or all of their orders via their website, therefore requiring a way to process payments, a brick and mortar business who may not offer the option to place orders online benefits from a virtual merchant account in ways that include:

  • Increased flexibility and the ability to accept payments at trade shows, conventions, festivals, and any other type of off-site business venture.
  • The ability to capture orders that may include telephone or catalog orders.
  • The ability to track transactions in one central location.
  • The ability to start offering online ordering options to stay current with consumer demands and desires.

Merchant account companies offer a myriad of options for processing transactions whether for an online or offline business. Whether your business is a virtual merchant, a brick and mortar, a combination of both, or even a contractor who is frequently on the go (a landscaper, plumber, salesperson, hair or makeup artist, a maintenance person, a housekeeper, a dog walker or mobile groomer, etc.), a merchant account can provide you with the perfect payment processing solution for your business.

Whether you’re an established business or you need a merchant account for a new business, AVPS can help match you with the perfect merchant solution. With more than 25 years in merchant accounts, competitive rates, an array of options (including mobile phone processing!), superior customer service, and the ability to have you up and running in as little as 24 hours, we take pride in not only providing you with the best merchant account services but in showing you how to make money with secure credit card processing. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

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