A Guide to the Strawhecker Group’s Swipe Fee Graphic

The Strawhecker Group is an advisory/consulting group for us in the Payments Industry. And they’ve recently come up with a compelling infographic explaining swipe fees — what they are, and where they go.

Navigating New Sales Tax Trends with AVP Solutions

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep you updated on how saying the phrase “just charge it!” is changing for your very customers, we wanted to alert you to the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013.  It specifies that states need to simplify their own tax systems, so they can collect sales tax from out-of-state merchants, who are selling to their citizens online.

Valentine’s Day Spending Hits New Highs in 2024

A new survey by the National Retail Federation says that American’s will spend more than $18 billion on Valentine’s Day, making it one of our “spendiest” holidays, close on the heels of Christmas and Halloween. According to the NRF, the average outlay will be around $130 a person — a $5 uptick from last year, though the “average” for men actually clocks in at around $176, while for women it hovers around $90.

Credit Card Fee Update — States Striking Back?

We’ve been striving to update you on the fallout from last autumn’s credit card fee settlement from the lawsuit where numerous merchants challenged Visa, Master Charge, et all, about the fees they were charging for credit card transactions.