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We’ve partnered with payment gateways to bring security, ease of use and low prices to keep you worry-free, help your bottom-line, and process payments safely.



Our feature-packed terminals are also great for businesses that accept a lot of phone orders. Terminals help mitigate risks by encrypting cardholder data so you never possess sensitive customer information. Whether it’s a counter-top or a mobile terminal, you can easily key-in transactions wherever your business is.

ACH & eCheck Processing

With ACH processing, you can eliminate check-writing and also expedite the time it takes to receive payment. ACH processing allows your business to accept payments by initiating a debit from either consumers or businesses.
With this option, you can eliminate the need for paper checks while also expediting time it takes in receiving payment; Alternative solutions such like ACH acceptance are great ways of attracting new customers & boosting sales.

Gateway Features

Credit card, debit card and ACH payments: With our versatile payment options, you can keep your business growing. Acceptance on all major credit cards as well as debit and ACH payments for a low interchange rate will help maximize revenue while minimizing risk!

Reduce Costs with our Low Rates:

Our low rates and flexible gateways will help you save money. With more options for gateways, you can reduce costs and increase revenue!

Scalable with User-Friendly Interface:
The scalable and user-friendly interface makes it the perfect choice for any business. With our intuitive interface, scalability is easy. You won’t need to relearn anything!
No additional hardware needed:
No need for special equipment, just use your internet-connected Mac or PC with no added purchases.
Dedicated Merchant Account:
Get paid faster with our dedicated merchant account merchants who use this service can expect up-to date payments immediately, as opposed to waiting two days for most other providers.
PCI-compliant Security – Fraud Prevention: Keep your business safe from fraud with our compliant security measures that are designed to protect you and the customer. PCI compliance helps you to stay ahead of fraudsters and protect your business.
Mobile-ready: IOS & Android Compatible: Keep your work flowing with this mobile-ready terminal that syncs to the virtual console for either iOS or Android.
Customer Management:
With the growing need for customer service, it is more important than ever to have a database that can provide you with valuable information.
Seamless Shopping Cart Integration: Integration with your e-commerce platform is seamless and fast. You can take advantage of a wide variety stores without worrying about compatibility or security concerns!
Recurring Billing – Set. Bill. Bill again: Recurring billing is a great way to ensure your customers are always getting their money’s worth. Simply set up an automatic payment each month, and you’ll never have another issue with forgetting or missed payments again!
Business Reporting and Insights:
With our business reporting and insights, you’ll be able to manage your company more efficiently.

Gateway Partners

We’ve partnered with the best gateways to provide you with reliable and secure processing. 

Our gateways integrate with most processors and CRM/Software. Together with our partners we’ll bring out the best in you!