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Fast Turnaround
Cost Efficient
Reduce Processing Time
Secure Transactions

Payments Post Faster

Funds from ACH payments are usually transferred in 24 hours.

Reduced Check Fraud

Increases the security of check payment by ensuring availability of funds prior releasing a product or service to the customer.

Reach Customers Who Don’t Use Credit

Businesses can now reach customers who prefer to pay by check.

Improved Customer Relationships and Service

Usually lower than credit transaction fees, preserving significant revenue in the long run.

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What’s does ACH Payment mean?​

ACH, an abbreviation of Automated Clearing House, is a financial network that clears and settles electronic transactions as well as processes payments and direct deposits.  ACH transactions are less expensive than card payments because they bypass card networks and in doing so also bypass interchange and assessment fees.

What’s is an eCheck?
How are eChecks different from ACH Payment?​

eChecks or electronic checks and ACH are essentially similar and the terms are used interchangeably. While ACH uses a client’s bank account information to transfer funds, eCheck uses a check in an electronic form to submit payments.

How do I accept ACH Payments?

Using a merchant account provider, such as AVPS, or a standalone ACH processor makes e-checks/ACH payment processing solutions easier and more convenient.

Here are some tools for ACH payment processing:

Check Scanner

Not only process paper checks but also transform them into ACH transactions.  Run a paper check through the scanner and deposit it online.

Virtual Terminals

Process online, mail order and telephone payments through ACH payments. Type the information or have your clients submit theirs over the web.

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Benefits of an ACH Account

Get Paid Sooner with Online Check Processing
With eCheck payments trips to the bank and paper checks are a thing of the past.

Easy Setup for ACH Recurring Payments
Simplify and automate payment processing with subscription billing for regular transactions. Collect ACH information and you’ll never forget to rebill your clients anymore.

Reduce Payment Processing Fees
Credit card fees can add up, especially for nonprofit organizations. The low transaction fees associated with eCheck payments will certainly help your bottom line.

Offer Flexible Online Payment Processing
Have you visited shopping sites that accept eChecks? By offering alternative payment options to your clients, paying online or over the phone is now a convenient stress-free experience.

Protect You and Your Customers
ACH Processing Solutions provide encrypted secure payment services to keep your business safe and running.

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Processing Costs

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