What Are the Benefits of a Merchant Account?

If you are starting a business, or currently own one, you need business merchant services so that you can accept debit and credit card payments from your customers.
Just a few of the ways that a merchant account helps your business are:

Black Friday Down, Yet Cyber Monday Sets Record

There are a lot of interesting tea leaves — perhaps that’s peppermint tea, in the spirit of the season — to be read as the data comes in from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, that stretch of time formerly known as “Thanksgiving Weekend.

What are the Benefits of a Cell Phone Credit Card Reader?

A mobile phone credit card reader can boost your bottom line, save time, integrate portability into your business, increase security, and add convenience and flexibility for both you and your customers. Your bottom line is boosted because you now have the ability to accept any form of payment at any location. You’ll never miss a sale again because you couldn’t accept a credit card and your business horizon expands to wherever you want to go.

How Does Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing Increase Sales?

Mobile phone credit card processing is on the rise. This convenient, flexible payment method allows you to accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime. Long gone are the days that you have to hope your customers have cash, hope their check clears the bank, or miss the opportunity to make the sale because they only want to pay with plastic. Now you can accept payments anywhere your customers are.