How To Do Online Payment Processing Confidently

For many people, any transaction involving money requires a sense of confidence. There is an implied trust when money is going from one person to another, whether that money is meant to pay for a service or a specific product. The person handing the money over wants to know that it is being exchanged for the specific thing that they want, and the person receiving the money wants to know that she/ he is getting the right amount, in timely fashion.  

“May Day!,” Pt. I: Malware Security Alert for POS Devices

Happy May Day! In the U.S., it conjures up images of May Poles and spring love. In Europe, it’s marked with parades and marches, and is still something of a “worker’s holiday,” as it was here in the 19th Century. It was the original “Labor Day,” until the one we have now was created, so that American workers could have a day separate from what was perceived as the somewhat incendiary history of May 1st.

There and Back Again! Plus: Is Your Password As Strong as the Dollar?

As we mentioned before, we’ve been getting some brush-ups — a lot of digital brush-ups – -done to the AVPS website. Much as you can’t drive your car around when it’s in the shop, we haven’t been able to blog on our same schedule while our web presence is made more secure and more visually friendly to mobile devices.

And… We’re Back! In Time for “FMI vs. EMV,” Plus: Travel News!

Hello faithful blog readers and connoisseurs of financial news and credit card insights. As you may have noticed, we had an “outage” on our web page’s blog for a few days — late last week and earlier this week.

Appeal to Younger Consumers with Versatile Payment Options

Your customer base is the heart of your business success. By appealing to as many demographics as possible, you expand your potential and make it possible to pursue your aspirations for success and growth. Depending on your products and services, your business may be specifically targeted to an older audience. If your niche is broader, however, it is important to recognize the buying power of younger consumers and do what you can to appeal to them so you can take advantage of their influence.