Summertime — And Is the (Consumer) Spendin’ More Easy?

Memorial Day’s arrival — and recent departure — marks the unofficial kick off for summer, at least as far as travel plans, imminent graduations, giddy weddings, and other features of what is supposed to be more languorous calendar time.

Old Hacks, New Payments

It’s a long, fascinating moment of transition in the world of payments — and for payments around the world.  That changing landscape includes virtual wallets, growing P2P payments, and ways to make existing platforms more secure — as with the EMV standards coming to American payment cards this fall.

Notes from the Land of “Euro” in “EMV”

As we’ve noted in this space before, “EMV” is coming — sooner rather than later — to America. It’s that standard — already adopted in Europe and Asia — of having an additional chip on your charge card, as well as an additional means of authenticating any charges made in person, like use of a PIN or a signature.

Take advantage of Your Cell Phone Credit Card Processing

In today’s increasingly mobile and technologically focused society it is not enough for your business to accept credit cards. In order to draw as big a customer base as possible while also providing the highest quality customer service you must constantly integrate new payment processing solutions. This makes your business more convenient and accessible for customers who are accustomed to a flexible and fluid shopping and service purchase model.

In Need of High Risk Merchant Account?

If you are like most people planning on starting a business, you have likely thought to yourself, “I need a merchant account”. Merchant accounts are essential for getting,  accepting and making payments online as well as processing credit card payments in a brick-and-mortar store which means without one you are not going to be able to do business. Getting one of these accounts is generally one of the easiest things people do to get ready for their business, but if you are considered a high risk business, you might face additional challenges setting your merchant account up and keeping it active.

May Day, Pt. II: More Tips For Keeping Your POS Devices Safe In a Malware World

Last week, we talked about the RawPOS Malware that has been affecting Windows-based point-of-sale devices, and we passed along some tips for upgrading, and guarding, against such attacks on you, and your customers. This week, we finish up our “pointers” for helping you keep all your gear secure. Here are both “the basics,” and a little beyond the “basics,” to maximize transaction security: