Accept Phone Payments: Flexibility Heightens Your Business Profits

Merchant services offer many alternatives to the more traditional types of payment processing. As opposed to paper checks or cash, your business now has the capability to provide multiple types of electronic transaction choices to customers. These new options offer your business the opportunity to obtain a higher number of sales as well as more money per transaction. E-checks, credit charges, debits, and ACH transfers are probably the most notable advanced payment services offered by merchant providers today. Among these choices is the ability to accept transactions over the telephone. Services are available to process both cards and checks by phone. The merchant account type and provider will determine the type of payments available to your business.

Electronic check transactions can be accomplished in multiple ways. A machine or terminal may be used to create the electronic record for a paper check. Equipment reads the paper document and adds the transaction to a batch file. A terminal may be combined with a payment gateway to perform this same process online. This is typically how your business will be set up when you want to accept phone payments. Online methods are designed for the customer to enter the information and then authorize the draft. Every setup creates an electronic check which is used to draft the authorizing customer’s bank account. Accepting these types of payments entails a lower cost than debit or credit processing. It also reduces the labor behind handling mailed checks for deposit. If you are considering supplying more flexible choices to customers, phone processing is a good choice.

Check by Phone: Ensuring Every Customer Has a Convenient Choice

Merchant services allow you to process a check by phone, mail, fax, or over the Internet. Customers may still be reluctant to use newer payment methods and will need the option to continue paying by mail. Having the ability to offer multiple processing channels is very important. Merchants who supply check processing by phone experience sales increases. This is because many consumers still do not feel completely safe providing their card information through these communication channels. One fourth of American households are not capable of making a credit card payment. With the current economy status, half of the credit customers are close to or over their card limit. A large portion of customers cannot pay by credit at all; however almost every individual does have a bank account. If you do not accept bank drafts via phone, location, or online, you are missing out on many sales.

AVPS offers many services to match the requirements of your business. We can provide multiple solutions which not only are affordable but offer profit opportunities. Whether you are considering switching from mail to check by phone or just want to offer electronic options such as debits to consumers, our representatives can help by setting up the appropriate merchant account and explaining our services. Beginning to accept phone payments could be your first step in expanding both your customer base and sales. After establishing a solid relationship, you may decide to meet all demands by adding credit cards for additional convenience.