Beyond the Antivirus Software, Pt. II

Beyond the Antivirus Software, Pt. II

Beyond the Antivirus Software, Pt. II

As we write this morning, the internet is recovering from a partial loss of “the cloud” as Amazon’s S3 server had gone out, resulting in the shuttering of numerous websites and services.  Since we posted last week, a massive potential breach to numerous websites has made headlines, as the Cloudflare security service used by many sites– like Uber and OKCupid — was itself compromised for several months.

cloud bleedRecent Security Breaches and the Need for Comprehensive Protection

Of course, this is the kind of news we’ve been bringing you steadily over the past couple years, but more specifically, it speaks to our piece last week, where we quoted a recent Slate article stating that only installing antivirus software, and thinking you’re done with protective measures, isn’t nearly enough.

In spite of that, that same article did offer some helpful steps to combat the data hemorrhaging that seems to be a constant feature of “life online.” And to be clear, we are absolutely not advocating you discard the use of antivirus software. After all, as the article said, “In 2013, Microsoft said that unprotected computers are 5.5 times more likely to be infected than those that run real-time antivirus protection. Most well-known brands provide both real-time monitoring and malware removal….Premium products like Norton Security Deluxe, McAfee Total Protection, and Kaspersky Total Security may provide a higher level of customer service, but free products from brands like AVG and Avira provide a similar level of overall protection. “

Helpful Steps to Strengthen Your Online Security

Other helpful hints from Slate’s Futurography:

*Install updates for all software—not just antivirus programs. Nearly half of malware attacks involving Microsoft Office target a vulnerability Microsoft patched in 2012.

*Set up two-factor authentication, and use unique passwords for each account.

*When possible, encrypt phones and computers, and create backups of data in each device.  

Reasons such as these are why AVP Solutions is rolling out new security features, in addition to our merchant services, called“SmartIDentity for Business” or “SID4B” (or sometimes, just “SID”), providing, among many other things,  Business Internet Credential Monitoring with email and SMS text alerts, and “real-time” Flash alerts for immediate and emerging cyber threats.

The many benefits include services for up to two (2) Data Breach events per 12 month period along with an initial assessment to determine compliance and notification requirements based on the circumstances of the event, and a recommended response plan including timeline and notice content.

Protection also includes Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery services for a group of up to 5,000 Affected Consumer per Data Breach event

SID4B is a new layer of protection that would normally cost thousands of additional dollars, but, can be added to our own core services for about the price of a single business lunch, each month.

Contact  your AVPS rep — and don’t forget to update whatever antivirus software — and all the other software! — you’re currently using!