Black Friday and Cyber Monday Span Increasingly “Mobile” Weekend

Mobile Shopping Revolution

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Span Increasingly “Mobile” Weekend

Evolving Shopping Patterns and Economic Recovery

The trendlines are in – distinct from the weekend’s expanding waistlines! – showcasing changing shopping patterns and signs of a gradually recovering economy. These were clearly evident throughout the long holiday weekend, as the mobile shopping revolution took center stage in mobile selling.

The Rise of Mobile Shopping

Black Friday Goes Mobile

Black Friday is, in the words of The Who, “goin’ mobile,” as one study showed that 52% of iPhone users and 41% of Android phonesters shopped via their mobile devices on Black Friday alone. This data may include mobile shopping that began on Thursday evening while still at home, according to eXelate, a data and analytics engine for digital advertisers.

A Shift in Shopping Habits

Some marketers have suggested that rather than thinking of the weekend spree starting with the long 5 a.m. “door-busting” lines, it might actually kick off when pie-happy shoppers whip out their iPhones or Samsung’s while watching the evening football game.

A Comparison of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Purchasing Trends

Purchases rose during both weekends, with a notable 29% surge in online shopping on Cyber Monday, as people concluded their weekend shopping sprees using computers and devices upon returning to work. Conversely, the study highlighted a peak in mobile shopping specifically on Black Friday, while laptops and more traditional gear dominated Cyber Monday.

The Future of Shopping Weekends

The study also speculated that as online and mobile shopping become a larger and larger segment of both market share, and customers’ habits, the weekend may expand its traditional brick-and-mortar divisions, and become a large “Black Weekend,” with specials running and off line, throughout — a trend we’re already seeing.

The Clearing Trends in Shopping Behavior

Recent studies and statistics indeed support the trend of online and mobile shopping dominating Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Various reports offer key insights, underscoring the evolving nature of these shopping events:

  1. Increasing E-commerce and Mobile Purchases: Cyber Monday continues to be a significant event for e-commerce, with record sales reported in recent years. In 2022, Cyber Monday sales in the US reached $11.3 billion, marking a substantial increase from previous years. This reflects a broader trend where both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are experiencing an uptick in online sales, indicating a shift towards digital shopping platforms​​.
  2. Mobile Shopping Surge: A notable increase in mobile commerce has been observed. For instance, in 2022, 73% of sales on Shopify’s platform during Black Friday and Cyber Monday were made via mobile devices. This trend is consistent with a general increase in mobile device usage for online shopping, signaling a shift in consumer behavior towards more convenient shopping methods​​.
  3. Global Expansion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday: These shopping events are no longer confined to the United States but have gained popularity internationally. Countries like Canada and the UK are seeing significant sales during this period, indicating a global adoption of these originally American shopping days from stats​​.
  4. Changes in Consumer Behavior: Increasingly, consumers engage in online research and compare deals before making purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A notable trend is the prioritization of fast and free delivery. Additionally, many shoppers show interest in scheduling online appointments to sidestep crowded stores.
  5. Hybrid Shopping Experiences: Retailers are blending online and offline commerce, with strategies like Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) becoming more prevalent. This hybrid approach caters to the diverse preferences of today’s consumers, combining the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of physical stores​​​​.
  6. Future Trends and Expectations: The trend towards online and mobile shopping is set to continue its growth trajectory. Retailers should respond to these evolving dynamics by optimizing their online presence, focusing on mobile-friendly websites, and implementing integrated social commerce strategies.

In conclusion, the evidence strongly supports the idea that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are evolving into broader, more digital-focused shopping events, with a significant shift towards online and mobile commerce.

Meeting Customers Where They Are

However, the emerging trends are becoming more distinct: Shoppers, including your customers, are growing more accustomed to shopping online or via mobile devices, even when they’re in physical store locations. It’s essential to adapt and meet them in these spaces of congregation. This adaptation may even involve engaging them as they begin shopping on their devices during events like the Dallas game on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Preparing for the Future with AVPS

Get Ready for the “Black Weekend”

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