Is Your Business’s Online Presence Lackluster? Why You Need to Rethink Your Online Activity

Is Your Business’s Online Presence Lackluster? Why You Need to Rethink Your Online Activity

Whether your business is ready to build a new website or you need to overhaul your existing one , this time of year is perfect for focusing on shoring up your online presence. However, as our online world continues to change, you can’t expect your website to be the only driving force of your e-commerce business. Unfortunately, your customers are already saturated with information via multiple social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With so much “noise” in their daily screen time, you have to make sure that you take every opportunity to connect with your target audience. Rather than devote your attention solely to your website, you should step back and consider how your web presence needs to adjust to be a multi-pronged endeavor that promotes your business. As your partner and provider of the most business-friendly internet merchant accounts, AVP Solutions wants to help your business better plan and structure your online presence.

Here are some ideas to help you re-think your approach to e-commerce advertising:

  • Amp up your social media presence with quality content aimed at sparking genuine interest, while also avoiding “spam” posts for the sake of posting. In the past, we relied on websites and marketing emails/newsletters to reach customers. You need to have an active presence on major social media platforms. These offer great ways to advertise sales and specials, and they use your existing customer base as a free way to share the news. Every single “Like” or “Retweet” exposes your business to a larger audience.
  • Get feedback on your website. Is it attractive, easy to navigate, and appealing to your target audience? What features would your customers like to see, like faster check-outs or the ability to accept checks?
  • Be honest with yourself about the effort you’re putting in. Is everything on your site updated regularly? Do you sometimes fail to add new products/quantities or become too much in a hurry to include the best images and descriptions?
  • Treat your online presence as a key priority. Business owners, especially those with less social media experience, often get overwhelmed  by day-to-day operations. They place online presence management on the back burner, which just can’t happen in a screen-driven world. Carve out a few minutes every day to contribute to an active, engaged online presence.

AVPS well knows how important both your website and social media identities are to your business. As your trusted provider of online payment services, we encourage you to give your business an “e-check-up” and see if you can improve in this vital area. If you have questions about online payment processing or our tools for e-commerce, contact a representative

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