AVPS Offers Smart Merchant Account Solutions to Help E-Commerce Businesses

With the internet flooded with e-commerce businesses, you need to focus on marketing and growing your brand in order to stand out. But are you still stuck with those necessary…

Season of Reasons — To Offer Credit, and to Use It

We’ve now officially entered autumn — L.A. weather notwithstanding — and soon enough, it will be time to start makin’…

Expand Your Ecommerce Business

Your small business is growing, and the best way to reach new customers is through a well-designed website. A website can take a brick-and-mortar business…

Exploring the Benefits of Accepting Checks Online

There are many different ways to refer to the concept of being able to accept checks online including electronic checking (or e-checks for short), bank-to-bank transfer…

Retail Merchant Account FAQs

Designed for stores and retail businesses of all sizes, a retail merchant account  is a system that allows you to accept credit or debit cards for sales of products and services. This type of account processes transactions when the card holder is present with the card being used.

Breaches Old and New: Target Settles, More Blue Cross Leaks; New Security Measures

Data breaches, their discontents and fallout, have filled the news this week. You’ll remember, of course, when the Target customer data breach in 2013 finally catapulted questions about customer security in the digital age onto the front page. Now comes word that Target has, at last, reached a settlement in that case. As tech website Gizmodo reports, “following lengthy discussions with the lawyers of those affected by the hack, the retailer has agreed to pay up a $10 million settlement.”

What Types of Payments Do You Accept On Your Website?

As a business owner, you need to be proactive to implement new technology that makes it easy for your customers to buy your products or services. In a world where many things are available with the click of a button, customers don’t often have the patience to sort through a confusing payment process in order to make a purchase online.