How To Choose A Safe Pin Code

How To Choose A Safe Pin Code

PIN is an acronym that stands for personal identification number. Put simply, this number is a security code for protecting your finances or personal information, although there are many other purposes. Unlike passwords, PINs don’t have letters or special characters—they are exclusively composed of numbers. If you have a bank account, credit cards, or a smartphone, you’re probably familiar with PINs. However, can you guarantee that your numeric sequence is safe enough? Here are some tips to keep your PIN secure:

  • Don’t use simple number sequences or repetitions because they’re terrible PIN combinations and criminals are aware of it. Never choose sequences like 1234, 5555, 1122, or 8899.
  • Don’t limit your PIN to the minimum of digits allowed. If you can set a PIN between four and eight digits, there is no reason to pick something like 1563. While a four-digit PIN can have 10,000 possible variations, a six-digit PIN can have more than one million sequences. Better yet, if you aim for eight digits you can have 100 million codes. Whoever wants to gain access to your money or personal information will have a hard time.  
  • Don’t pick important dates, like your birthday or wedding anniversary. Everything that is too easy to memorize is also easy for unauthorized people to guess. If your PIN comes from your phone number or address, you need to change it ASAP.
  • Mix dates and numbers that are part of your day if you constantly struggle to remember your code. For example, you can pick your year of birth + the age of someone + the last three numbers of your phone.
  • Don’t write down your PIN. If someone finds your notes, they can access your information. Most banks and online applications have an option to reset your PIN as long as you answer security questions.
  • Hide the keyboard every time you’re typing your PIN, especially if there is anyone else next to you.

We hope these tips will help you choose your PIN and keep it safe. At American Verification Processing Solutions, we have years of experience working with payment solutions and implementing safety measures to protect people’s finances. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us through our website or give us a call: (800) 719-9198.

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