Christmas in Summer? Why Unconventionally Smart Planning and Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Christmas in July? These words strike fear in the hearts of procrastinators everywhere. However, this marketing trend is an incredible opportunity for both retailers and service providers. You can see the potential everywhere; from television shopping channels to cable movie providers, savvy businesses are capitalizing on the concept of holiday planning and nostalgia during crippling heat of summer.

By embracing a Christmas in Summer marketing strategy, your business may discover a very surprising boost. First, those early-bird planners typically have more flexible budgets. Instead of dividing their holiday dollars between gifts, food, and decorations, they are able to focus more on their individual shopping goals. Without the budget-busting season staring them in the face, they are more inclined to splurge on gifts or other seasonal items. Second, the heat and drudgery of the season propels shoppers to embrace the nostalgia of those cozy, cold winter celebrations. With the right approach, your business can make the most of the late-summer shopper who is waiting anxiously for the cool and fun of autumn and winter.

Above all else, a mid-to-late summer holiday marketing strategy helps snag customers before they are oversaturated with seasonal marketing. By mid-October, large corporations will flood the airwaves with holiday-themed advertisements. How can your small business compete with this tidal wave of expensive marketing? The reality is that you probably can’t go up against mega-retailers who are willing to overspend on ads and drastically discount merchandise. By shifting your sales and advertisements to make the most of an under-used season, you can help carve out your own niche without overinvesting in ineffective marketing strategies.

Whether your small business is just starting out, or you are ready reimagine your payment solutions with tools like mobile credit card processing or online payment services, AVPS wants to help you optimize your operations so that you make the most of each and every sales season. We can also help you prepare for the true holiday sales season by reviewing your credit card transaction security to see if your business is ready for this high-risk time. Contact our representatives to learn more about how we can help you transform your off-season into the best quarter yet with our merchant account solutions.

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