Credit Card Readers Are Great for Vendors


Credit Card Readers Are Great for Vendors

The Benefits of Credit Card Readers for Mobile Vendors

While a credit card readers for vendors can benefit any business, big or small, retail or doorstep, they are also great for vendors who sell products roadside, on-the-go, at Farmer’s Markets, and at various events. If you have been in the business long at all, with no way to accept credit cards, you have certainly lost customers who did not have enough cash on them and had to walk away, even though they did not want to. With technology on your side, there is no reason to lose sales ever again.

Embracing Technology to Boost Sales

Cell phone credit card readers attach to your phone and allow you to swipe a customer’s credit card wherever you’re at just using your phone and an internet connection.

Getting Started with AVP Solutions

AVP Solutions can swiftly assist you in establishing credit card acceptance through your mobile phone. By promptly completing our application, we will initiate the processing. You’ll receive an Android credit card reader or utilize iPhone credit card processing. Installing the application on your phone will prepare you to effortlessly swipe credit cards and receive payments.

Why Choose AVP Solutions

We have been serving merchants for more than a quarter century and we always ensure the latest technology is at your disposal. Our unparalleled customer service representatives are always available to assist you and answer any questions you have, and we will even teach you how to make money by accepting credit cards. You’ll enjoy the lowest industry rates, and we can provide you with any additional merchant services you might need. When you have AVP, you have people on your side. Apply today or call us with any questions or concerns you might have.