Is Your ECommerce Business Underperforming? Common Missteps You May Be Making

Is Your ECommerce Business Underperforming? Common Missteps You May Be Making

Is Your ECommerce Business Underperforming? Common Missteps You May Be Making

Reasons You’re Losing E-Commerce Sales

If your ecommerce business just isn’t performing to the level that you want, it may be time to reassess your approach. As your trusted provider of retail merchant accounts, AVPS wants to see all of our ecommerce clients achieve their goals and continue to grow.

We know that most e-commerce businesses are small operations that rely on limited resources, and their owners wear the majority of the proverbial hats, including CEO, CFO, order fulfillment processor, shipping supervisor, and IT manager. While this operational model helps keep costs down so you can build your business, it also can be the unintentional source for your current struggles.

Let’s take a look at the common causes for a lagging e-commerce business, especially one that is not connecting to the right resources for success:

1. Outdated Website Design and Navigation

  • Is your website dated, cluttered, or hard to navigate? You want your site to be intuitive, informative, and easy to get around. It should have clear menus, plenty of product pictures, and you should have a place for FAQs, as well as shipping and return policies. A good web designer could help correct these.

2. Complicated Checkout Process

  • Is your checkout process clear, easy, and straightforward? Many consumers report abandoning their shopping carts because they did not have the time to figure out a confusing checkout process.

3. Inadequate Online Advertising

  • Are you doing enough online advertising, such as Google AdWords? E-commerce businesses need to focus their advertising dollars in the realm they are most likely to capture customers. Likewise, do you have a utility for sending newsletters and sales to your customers?

4. Underutilized Social Media Presence

  • Are you maximizing your social media presence? This can be the secret weapon of e-commerce businesses, and if you are at a loss for making your social media accounts work for you, consider hiring a consultant.

5. Poor Product Presentation

  • Are you accurately representing your products as unique, appealing, and quality? Check that your product descriptions connect with your customers. Professional photography and copywriting can completely transform how your customers see your products.

As you can see, these are just a few points to consider when assessing your e-commerce performance. AVPS wants you to know that we are proud to provide your wireless merchant services, including card processing solutions, and we want to see you meet and exceed your goals. If you have questions about your account, or want to know more about how to make your merchant account work for you, contact us today!