Got a phone? You’ve got check verification!

Check-by-Phone Services

Got a phone? You’ve got check verification!

The Evolution of Phones in Business

In our steadfast dedication to delivering news at the junction of credit processing, technology, and business advantages, we discern it’s opportune to delve into the realm of phones, particularly Check-by-Phone Services.

Not “telephones,” necessarily — which imply landlines, fixed locations and in some cases rotary dials and being put on hold — but “phones,” which insinuate portability, and having a miniature computer in your pocket, demanding rather constant attention.

From the Korea Times comes an article headlined “Falling in the Smartphone Pit” where  we learn that  “in public areas it’s increasingly common to seepeople so engrossed in smartphones that they completely ignore people around them. They interact more with these treasured devices than with colleagues or lovers sitting right in front of them…In classrooms and offices the situation is similar as students and employees make compulsive use of their smartphones.”

Leveraging Smartphones for Business

At AVPS, we’re excited to unveil a potential benefit of continuous phone usage: We’re fully prepared to assist in establishing your merchant account for accepting checks-by-phone. Instead of viewing this as a relic of the past in business operations, akin to a rotary dial phone, where merchants traditionally called banks to validate checks written in stores, we’re modernizing this aspect of business for the 21st century by providing:

  • No more charge backs and reserve accounts
  • No waiting for mailed checks
  • Next day deposits
  • Online 24/7 Convenience – no waiting in bank lines
  • Offer more payment options for your customers
  • Online payments gateway – no software required
  • Quick and easy setup

The Advantages of Check-by-Phone Services

In other words, “dialing” that phone can be just as fast as any other digital maneuver in terms of clearing customers’ money, and getting into your account.

Nearly any industry may use check-by-phone services to improve their business transactions. Law firms, Doctors Offices, Shipping Companies, Telemarketing companies, Sales, Collections, Credit Counseling Services, Insurance Agents, Dating Services, MLM and multiple other industries may benefit from the use of check-by-phone services.

Key Benefits of Check-by-Phone

Primary benefits of check-by-phone include:

  • Fewer regulations to complete the process.
  • No more “CHECKS IN THE MAIL”

And by “mail” we mean “surface mail” — something else that may be going the way of those rotary dials. But phones — those are still useful. Contact AVPS to see about setting up your check-by-phone benefits today.

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