Holiday Cash For Your Business, With a Merchant Cash Advance

Being the faithful AVPS Blog reader that you are, you’ve seen where there will be a large surge of holiday shoppers online; you know that your customers will be “showrooming” with their mobile devices; you want to advertise more as the economy slowly regains ground; you need to order more merchandise for the upcoming spike in sales.

To do any of these things — or more — you might need a “spike” in available cash, as well. In other words — a cash advance!

How do you get your hands on such fast capital? Especially if, prior to your expected holiday renaissance, previous, recession-tinged seasons have been less than kind to your bottom line, or credit rating?

One solution is a Merchant Cash Advance from AVPS. The amount of the advance is generally equal to somewhere between 100 – 150% of your monthly revenue, and approval is more based on that revenue,  in contrast to loans, which are more “FICA-contingent.”

Repayment is easy as well, and can come as a percentage of the crehdit card receipts being processed by AVPS — you never have to write a check!  Of course, even if your business doesn’t accept credit cards, you can stil apply for an MCA.

And the odds of your business getting one are high — we did over $30 million worth of pre-approved business cash advances in 2012!

How can you become one of 2013’s Cash Advance success stories, before the year runs out?

You need to have been in business for at least 8 months and do at least $10,000 a month in sales (though there is also a “starter program” with lower thresholds for both these criteria.

Approvals are good for 30 days, and funding usually gets there in two. And you can generally get your approval in four hours!

Heck, that means you can be funded before Halloween, and have your business ready to meet holiday expenses, and opportunities, head on!

Just click here to get started, to get your business funded for its next leap forward, with an AVPS Merchant Cash Advance.

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