How to Choose a High Risk Provider

How to Choose a High Risk Provider

How to Choose a High Risk Provider

It is all but impossible in today’s economy to operate a business without accepting payments other than cash. For most established businesses, setting up a merchant processing system is easy and straightforward. For brand new businesses and high risk businesses, this process is neither simple or easy.

This gap is filled by high risk providers who offer underwriting, risk management, and placement with card processing companies. Their expertise is understanding how to strengthen a new or high risk company’s credit worthiness, how to establish strong fraud mitigation features, and how to minimize their processing costs as they move into credit card and online check processing.

AVPS has the answers you need.

You will be trusting them to help you in this vital aspect of your new or high risk business, and we can help you cover many of the questions you may be used to evaluate your options.
As you review your options, AVPS can answer all of the following questions and considerations:

  • Experience in your industry?
  • Website reviews
  • Do they offer fraud prevention steps to avoid chargebacks?
  • Explanation of fees
  • Specific services offered
  • Does the web address begin with “https://” (to mark a secure site)
  • Present and clear refund, termination, and privacy policies
  • Phone customer service?
  • Search for the company on the Better Business Bureau and other review sites

Once you have researched AVPS, we are ready to meet your needs. Contact us and ask for a copy of any agreements we establish and review them carefully to ensure that your transactions will be protected. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive to any and all questions.

Your choice of a high-risk verification processor is an important one and being careful at this point can prevent major problems. We are here for you at AVPS!

Once you have confidence in your choice – Jump in and get your business going!

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