Setting Up a Merchant Account? A Quick Fix May End Up Hurting Your Business

Setting Up a Merchant Account? A Quick Fix May End Up Hurting Your Business

Setting Up A Merchant Account?

Setting Up a Merchant Account: Introduction

As you set up a new business, we know that you have a many options when selecting your merchant bank account provider. With the advent of mobile technologies, it seems the market is flooded with start-ups promising effortless business merchant services that certainly appeal to already overwhelmed entrepreneurs. After all, who wants to slog through the fine print and waste time comparing and contrasting transaction fees, fraud protections, and the complex rules that govern secure credit card processing? However, you truly need to understand how merchant accounts work, and how they impact both the operations and overall financial outlook of your business. At AVP Solutions, we believe that you need a merchant account solutions partner who as invested in your business as you are.

Partnerships, Not Just Utilities

We know that you can sign up with any random, online company and start processing credit cards or accepting online payments. However, those companies will treat your business like exactly what you are to them: a faceless revenue stream. AVPS, on the other hand, believes that we are an active partner in our client’s success. We start by providing them all of the education, training, and support they need to understand the complex logistics of merchant accounts. While we definitely want our solutions to be as seamless and effortless as possible, we also believe that we protect our clients’ financial futures by empowering them with knowledge as well. Next, our long-standing reputation in the industry allows us to offer the most competitive rates, while many of those new start-ups cannot. We also utilize the most advanced software and equipment to ensure convenient processing that conforms to the latest industry security standards. Finally, our unparalleled customer support ensures that our clients always have expert help they need for effective operations.

Looking To Set Up a Merchant Account

If you are looking to set up a merchant account for a new business, we encourage you to take the time now do a little research and learn more about your options. We hope you’ll discover why a catchy new processing company can’t compare to the history, expertise, industry acumen, and personal relationships that AVPS shares with all of our clients. Contact a representative and discover why hundreds of businesses trust AVPS for all of the payment processing solutions.

View Merchant Account Demo

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