Merchant Cash Advances At A Glance

Merchant Cash Advances At A Glance

Why You Should Get A Merchant Cash Advance?

Is Now the Time to Inject Capital into Your Business?

We are now halfway through the calendar year—and at the start of the fiscal year—which means many businesses are taking stock of their performance, and deciding how to best position themselves to come out of 2016 feeling successful and fiscally confident. Some, however, are realizing they may need an injection of capital to stay on track. Perhaps they need immediate inventory, or now is the time for much-needed expansion or repairs. They can also use cash advances for upgrading equipment or embarking on a pre-holiday season marketing campaign. What makes merchant cash advances so desirable is that they are usually fast, have no fixed monthly payments, and require no upfront collateral. Merchant cash advances also work well for businesses with strong sales but not the best credit.

AVPS – How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

Honestly, the best way to determine whether this option is right for you is to talk to a representative about your needs, goals, and average sales so that you know how it will impact you financially. However, in a nutshell, the lender takes an additional percentage of your credit card sales on top of your standard credit card transaction fees. What you need to know about merchant cash advances is that they are an excellent avenue for businesses that need capital now, but you also need to know all of the proverbial fine print and how it could affect your business. The good news is that securing a merchant account cash advance is extremely easy for most businesses.

This mid-year point offers you the opportunity to reassess how you’re doing, what you want, and whether you are on track to achieve your goals. Likewise, depending on the nature of your business, it may be the perfect time to consider those major changes so that you are better positioned for the upcoming busy season. If you would like to learn more about your options, contact an AVPS representative for assistance.