Merchant Services Processing Equipment: An Overview

For a merchant to run a profitable business, it must honor its customers’ buying preferences. That’s why most merchants implement account services that facilitate multiple means of payment. However, processing payments could require more than account setups. It could also require equipment used for credit, debit, and checking transactions. Below, we look at merchant service processing equipment that lets merchants accept credit, debit, and check payments in the blink of an eye.

Credit card terminals

In a culture that loves credit, credit card terminals are a must for retail businesses. Consumers are motivated to buy with credit for several reasons, including: reward programs, its convenience for large purchases, and its security. Research shows that consumers spend more freely with credit than they do with cash, a finding that for retailers, translates into measurable revenue from impulse buying.

Wireless processing devices

Wireless processing devices let you take a credit/debit card terminal wherever you go. You can even print receipts as you would at a traditional point of sale (POS). For businesses that sell at kiosks, public events, or other temporary locations, wireless processing devices are the merchant services processing equipment of choice.

Mobile phone processing devices

Mobile phone processing devices turn a high tech cell phone into a payment terminal that enables card swiping and signature capturing. Offering the same level of fraud protection and data encryption as traditional card terminals, mobile phone processing devices are ideal for businesses that sell at constantly changing locations.

PIN pads

By recording, encrypting, and then erasing their PIN number at the conclusion of a transaction, PIN pads make customers feel secure when paying by debit. PIN pads are not new, but implementing the latest models is important for meeting evolving peripheral component interconnect (PCI) and PIN entry devices (PED) security standards. For increased reliability, PIN pads that perform offline PIN verification, in which a chip inside the PIN pad verifies a PIN, are available.

Check readers

Today’s check readers eliminate human error by preventing the misalignment of checks in the reading feature. Securely processing a check in seconds, check readers can also feature credit card, debit card, and driver’s license card readers. Instead of asking customers not to pay by check and missing out on sales, businesses should implement a check reader.

Contactless processing terminals

The next step in merchant services processing equipment, Contactless processing terminals allow customers to hold their contactless credit card or key fob in front of a sensor that gathers its information. Processing payments with incredible speed and eliminating swiping and re-swiping, contactless terminals are ideal for busy points of sale. Contactless terminals are designed to integrate with existing point POS terminals and electronic cash register systems.

At AVP Solutions, we offer merchant services processing equipment that meets the latest security standards and pay scenarios. Whether you only accept payment in store, or you accept it at new locations every day, we supply the equipment you need to make sales happen. To learn about our equipment, or to learn about starting a merchant account, contact us today.

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