Mobile Card Processing: Who Uses It?


Mobile Card Processing: Who Uses It?

The ability to use mobile card processing is a need that different merchants experience in different contexts. Unlike accepting card payments in a physical store, accepting them remotely offers unique opportunities to capitalize on non-traditional sales scenarios, and having the right account is crucial to maximizing revenue per transaction. At AVPS, we provide processing accounts for mobile merchants who sell in the following types of contexts, among others:

Business Kiosks Payment Systems for Mobile Card Processing

A simple yet effective business concept, kiosks reduce every barrier between the customer and the seller, even walking distance. Kiosks that can take card payments attract customers who elect not to carry cash – a common preference of people in foot shopping districts.

Public Event Payment for Mobile Card Processing

Merchants who sell at public events can make an incredible amount of revenue in a short period of time. Because carrying cash at public events can be dangerous, many people carry credit and debit cards instead.

Tradeshow Payment Technology

Many companies use tradeshows to capture contact information, but savvy companies never miss a sales opportunity, and always have mobile card processing equipment on hand. The less introduction a product or service requires, the easier it is to sell from a tradeshow booth.

Conference Room Sales Transactions

After explaining to attendees why they should use a product, retain a service, or participate in a program, conference leaders can deliver a call to action and direct them to payment terminals located at the back of the room.

Choosing the Right Processor

Three types of processors facilitate mobile card processing:

  • Wireless terminals, which are similar to retail terminals in design and operation;
  • Cell phone terminals, which consist of a cell phone with a built in or attached card swipe;
  • Cell phones, which can be used to process payments via touchtone processing.

Selecting the right equipment begins with examining account fees in terms of sales volume. Although using a cell phone offers the advantage of no equipment purchase, the fees for touchtone processing do not benefit businesses that have a high transaction volume, or a low volume of high-ticket transactions.

Transaction Speed Optimization

Another consideration is transaction speed. For businesses that experience a steady stream of customers, the time it takes to process touchtone payments can be prohibitive. Wireless terminals offer the fastest processing, and are usually the best choice for kiosks, public event booths, and conference rooms.

Customer Perception of Payment Methods

A third consideration is how customers perceive processing equipment. While most customers will be familiar with traditional wireless processors, some may be unfamiliar with cell phone processors or touchtone processing. When you cannot provide customers with individual attention, choosing cell phone processors or touchtone processing might not be the ideal option.

Call AVPS for Your Mobile Processing Needs

AVPS supplies mobile processing, retail processing, mail / telephone processing, and Internet processing accounts to a variety of merchants, large and small. With over 25 years of experience in Small Business Merchant Accounts, we have the experience and expertise that growing businesses need in a merchant service provider (MSP). If you are interested in accepting online payments, in-store payments, mobile payments, or you need new processing equipment, contact us today.