Mobile Credit Card Processing for Business On The Go


Mobile Credit Card Processing for Business On The Go


A lot of businesses in today’s world are going mobile and getting more and more creative when it comes to gaining customers. Regardless of what your business is, if you are not equipped to handle different forms of payment, you may be missing out.

Embracing Mobile Credit Card Processing

If you are looking for more ways to accept payments for your store or mobile business, consider mobile credit card processing. With mobile credit card processing you can accept credit cards anywhere you can use your mobile device.

Versatility for Various Businesses

Mobile credit card processing is great for businesses such as mall kiosks, mobile dog groomers, and personal trainers or meditation instructors that work outside. Iphone credit card processing is also great for anyone that does house calls.

Convenience for Independent Contractors

Now, independent contractors such as lawn care experts, plumbers, and painters can take credit cards easily and instantly, saving your customers the trouble of having to go to the bank or you worrying about receiving a bad check.

AVP Solutions – Your Mobile Credit Card Processing Partner

AVP Solutions has cell phone credit card readers so that doing business is as simple as ‘swipe and go’. Our mobile credit card swiper reads credit cards instantly. You just have to enter the amount of the transaction and once it is approved by the ACH, you are done. You can use a credit card reader for Android or even Iphone services.

Our Expertise and Commitment

AVP Solutions has over 25 years of experience and is ready to help you increase your sales at the lowest cost possible. We want to make sure that you can accept any form of payment no matter where you are and no matter what time it is.

Ensuring You Don’t Miss Sales

With AVP solutions, you don’t have to worry about those awkward moments when you hear the words, “All I have is my credit card.” Whether your business is a retail location, a store online, or on the go, with cell phone credit card processing, we can help ensure that you don’t miss anymore sales.