More Businesses Continue to Turn to Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing

With cell phone credit card readers, your business can enjoy increased profits and flexibility. Mobile use continues to increase across the board; from internet surfing to shopping and selling. Yes, selling. With mobile phone credit card processing, you can complete business transactions on the go, from anywhere. You can carry the power of a retail location right in your pocket. You can even use them at your retail location, as many businesses now are.

In August of 2013, a study by BIA/Kelsey showed that as many as 40 percent of small retail and service businesses are using mobile payment technology. Those businesses indicated they accept payments at the point of sale with a mobile phone credit card reader. Additional businesses indicate that they plan to incorporate the ability to accept payments via mobile within the next year.

An article from Medill Reports Chicago discussed how a vendor at a farmers market realized how much money she was missing because customers tended to carry plastic, not cash. She decided to turn to mobile phone credit card processing and planned to continue that use in the new storefront business she was preparing to open. Her story is similar to many others.

Mobile phone credit card readers are convenient and lightweight. They attach to your smartphone or tablet and immediately turn it into a lean, mean, selling machine.  Retail businesses from bakeries to liquor stores are turning to this technology as are street vendors, taxi drivers, sales people, and everyone in between. Business owners or contractors that used to be a cash only business have seen the opportunity to capture more sales in adding mobile payment capability and businesses that accepted credit cards with traditional credit card machines have found that cell phone credit card readers allow them additional flexibility.

Setting up shop at a trade show, convention, or kiosk has never been easier. Selling products door-to-door or making service calls at people’s home or businesses has never been more lucrative. No more worrying about whether or not people have cash, you can simply swipe and go.

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