More Businesses Continue to Turn to Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing


More Businesses Continue to Turn to Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing

The Power of Mobile Transactions

With cell phone credit card readers, your business can enjoy increased profits and flexibility. Undoubtedly, mobile usage is on the rise for various activities, ranging from browsing the internet to shopping and even selling. Indeed, with the advent of mobile phone credit card processing, executing business transactions becomes seamless and possible from virtually any location. This allows you to harness the essence of a retail outlet right within your pocket. Furthermore, many contemporary businesses are integrating this technology directly into their brick-and-mortar locations.

Adoption Rates and Business Insights

In August 2013, BIA/Kelsey conducted a study which revealed a significant trend: around 40% of small retail and service businesses had adopted mobile payment technology. Notably, these businesses confirmed that they process transactions using mobile credit card readers directly at the point of sale. Moreover, several other businesses expressed their intentions to embrace mobile payment methods in the upcoming year.

An article from Medill Reports Chicago discussed how a vendor at a farmers market realized how much money she was missing because customers tended to carry plastic, not cash. She decided to turn to mobile phone credit card processing and planned to continue that use in the new storefront business she was preparing to open. Her story is similar to many others.

The Many Faces of Mobile Payment

Mobile phone credit card readers, being both convenient and lightweight, seamlessly transform your smartphone or tablet into a powerful selling tool. Notably, retail businesses ranging from bakeries to liquor stores actively adopt this technology. Similarly, street vendors, taxi drivers, and salespeople also embrace it. Recognizing the potential, former cash-only business owners and contractors have shifted towards adding mobile payment capabilities. Furthermore, businesses that once relied on traditional credit card machines now discover that these mobile readers offer them enhanced flexibility.

Opportunities Beyond the Storefront

Establishing a presence at trade shows, conventions, or kiosks has become incredibly straightforward. Additionally, the door-to-door selling of products or offering services at clients’ homes or businesses proves to be highly profitable. Instead of stressing over whether individuals carry cash, you can effortlessly swipe their cards and proceed.

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