More People “Shun the Bank” — But You Can Get, and Offer, Those Services Through AVPS

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More People “Shun the Bank” — But You Can Get, and Offer, Those Services Through AVPS

The Growing Trend of Avoiding Traditional Banks

As originally reported in the Wall Street Journal, then picked up in Forbes’ round-up of credit card news, more and more people are “shunning” banks altogether, with upwards of 8 percent of the population managing their financial solutions without alternative banks at all, and another 24 million categorized as “underbanked,” meaning there’s some use of nominal bank services, but mostly they’re making due with (expensive!) payday loans, prepaid cards, etc.

Response of Traditional Banks and Its Consequences

Traditional banks, according to the article, have noticed, and some banks have “added fees” in response. Which, of course, may have the effect of driving more people out of traditional banking.

AVPS: Offering Better Banking Alternative Financial Solutions

Here at AVPS we can offer you better banking alternatives, should you need them.  Merchant Cash Advances, for example, help you get that cashflow you need when your business is just getting off the ground.

Prepaid Cards and Payment Alternatives for Your Customers

We can also help you offer your customers alternatives as well, especially when it comes to prepaid cards. By making it easier on them to find and use prepaid cards, it’s easier on you, as the merchant, to keep them as customers, regardless of whether they’re “traditionally banked” or not.

Setting Up Your Online Business with AVPS

Additionally, when you set up your online business, you’ll find AVPS offers you many options in terms of how you accept payments — all of which you can set up, without ever having to set foot in a bank! (Though we hope you’re staying away from payday loans!)