MOTO Business Phones: Increasing Customer Purchasing Convenience

The functionality of a mobile phone has greatly expanded as since their original designs. Today, people can peruse the web, pay bills, and experience live chat among other capabilities. As these capabilities continue to increase, MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) devices have added many company-oriented functions that make them almost indispensable in this fast paced society.

A business must be able to function anywhere to meet the demands of consumers. Due to innovative technology, cellular phones can now be used as a device for consumers to shop, communicate, and pay bills. MOTO business phones can be a method for your customers to pay for a product or any service you offer. For many customers, a mobile phone is more than a communication device. Innovative technology has increased their uses to include credit transaction capabilities. A customer can make a credit purchase from a company’s website directly from his or her mobile phone.

Credit processing has become safe and is one of the easiest methods for making any type of payment. Having this service available through a mobile device has advanced its convenience.

Credit Card Merchant: Using Mobile Devices to Process Payments

A credit card merchant is the first step in setting up your business for this new type of payment processing. This technology provides a higher sales potential, a simpler collection process, and reduction of insufficient payments. MOTO, Palm, iPhone, and other devices have card-processing programs available for secure data transmission without the need for a traditional card reader. You can take advantage of this freedom because it allows you to move away from typical processing restraints into a more mobile profit scenario. Smart phone creators have added this functionality as a way to increase the business use of their devices.

Smart phone processing can be compared to an online credit transaction. Phones are not easy to equip with a magnetic reader, but do eliminate the need for extensive equipment by both the consumer and your business. How does it work on the merchant end of business? Credit card merchants initiate the transaction by entering the card information and the transaction amount through the phone’s touchpad. Applications may provide additional features such as the ability to enter a security code or an invoice number. After data entry, the payment is sent to a secure processor who then sends back confirmation. The confirmation verifies that the card information is valid and the transaction is complete.

A provider may charge a monthly fee or an upfront cost for the application service. As with any other type of processing, further fees like individual transactions apply. Applications are compliant with typical security standards, making payment collection over MOTO business phones or other mobile devices as safe as an in-store or online transaction.

AVPS specializes in many forms of credit processing. If you are considering this or another wireless acceptance option, we can help you find a setup that provides your desired results. Whether you need to accept payments on your business phone or through a mobile terminal, our professionals can help you get on your way to a more convenient customer payment handling.


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