On-the-Spot Processing Takes Your Business “Into the Field!”

“(These readers) are changing the landscape a bit,” according to  Ben Woolsey, director of marketing and consumer research with CreditCards.com, who was quoted in a recent article on MSN.com  on Weird Ways To Use Your Credit Card.

The weirdness, according to the article, was that thanks to the remote card reading devices Woolsey mentioned,  certain transactions traditionally thought to be reserved for cash only are now available on credit cards, thanks largely to technological advancements. What they mean by advancements, this case, are what we at AVPS like to call On the Spot Processing, which simply means mobile processing, done with a card reader attached to your phone.

And we dont think its weird at all. You can increase sales while offering your customers the comfort and convenience of paying with their credit card right on the spot — whether that spot is a trade show, a consumer showcase or convention, or somewhere on the beach this summer, if youre vending sun screen, umbrellas, or pina coladas!

Among the unlikely places the article found  for in-the-field processing were a Salvation Army Kettle, Girl Scout cookie sales (we knew those Girl Scouts were sharp!), flea markets, and for those in the thick of campaign season, making instant political contributions!


We have no doubt youll be able to think of many applications for on-the-spot processing for your own business (you dont even have to be selling Thin Mints!)

To help you get started, AVPS offers Mobile Processing on most of the latest smart phones and tablets with the easiest solution in the industry. Simply obtain an AVPS Merchant account, install the Application on your device from the Apple AppStore or Android Market and Start taking credit cards. Thats it!

(More information — and a complete list of supported devices — can be found here!)

And by the way, swiping credit cards through a mag card reader qualifies for lower processing rates. Are you smarter than a Girl Scout? Well, now you have a shot at it!

Mobile Processing saves time, reduce operating expenses and offers new flexibility and mobile opportunities for your business. Customers can now pay for your product or service… right on the spot.

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