On-the-Spot Processing Takes Your Business “Into the Field!”

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On-the-Spot Processing Takes Your Business “Into the Field!”

A New Landscape for Transactions

Ben Woolsey, CreditCards.com’s Director of Marketing and Consumer Research, cited in a recent MSN.com article on “Unusual Credit Card Applications,” asserts that these card readers are slightly altering the terrain for On-the-Spot processing.

Beyond the Norm

According to the article, what made it unusual was that, thanks to the remote card reading devices Woolsey referred to, “certain transactions traditionally restricted to cash payments are now accessible through credit cards, primarily due to technological progress.” In this context, by “progress,” we at AVPS refer to what we call “On the Spot Processing,” a term that essentially denotes mobile processing using a card reader connected to your phone. What they mean by “advancements,” in this case, are what we at AVPS like to call “On the Spot Processing,” which simply means mobile processing, done with a card reader attached to your phone.

Embrace the Convenience

And we don’t think it’s weird at all. You can increase sales while offering your customers the comfort and convenience of paying with their credit card right on the spot — whether that spot is a trade show, a consumer showcase or convention, or somewhere on the beach this summer, if you’re vending sun screen, umbrellas, or pina coladas!

Unexpected Opportunities

The article pinpointed surprising venues for in-field processing, such as a Salvation Army Kettle, Girl Scout cookie sales (demonstrating the Girl Scouts’ ingenuity), flea markets, and even during the bustling campaign season, where immediate political donations were taking place!

Get Creative

We have every confidence that you’ll be able to envision a plethora of applications for on-the-spot processing that perfectly align with your unique business requirements. Moreover, you don’t even need to be selling Thin Mints!

Easy Setup

To kickstart your journey, AVPS provides Mobile Processing on a variety of the latest smartphones and tablets, featuring the most user-friendly solution in the industry. To get started, effortlessly obtain an AVPS Merchant account, and then smoothly install the application from the Apple AppStore or Android Market onto your device. Afterward, you can promptly initiate the process of accepting credit cards with ease. It’s as straightforward as that!

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Smart Savings

And by the way, swiping credit cards through a mag card reader qualifies for lower processing rates. Are you smarter than a Girl Scout? Well, now you have a shot at it!

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Mobile Processing not only saves time but also lowers operating expenses while providing your business with increased flexibility and new opportunities in the mobile sphere. Your customers can now conveniently make payments for your products or services right on the spot.