Online Merchant Account: Six Signs Your Business Needs One

Online Merchant Account

Online Merchant Account: Six Signs Your Business Needs One

Selling online can dramatically improve a business’ revenue. In fact, many businesses earn the majority of their income by selling over the Internet with the help of a merchant service provider (MSP). If you are considering opening an online merchant account, but question the impact it would have on your revenue, below are six indicators that the impact would be favorable, to say the least.

You Have a Hard Time Selling Niche Products

Niche products can be lucrative, but they can also be difficult to sell in store. If your business has niche products that languish on shelves, selling them online could boost their sales volume in a matter of days. A niche product may appeal to a demographic niche, but that niche can be expansive when the product is sold globally.

You Sell Products that do not Fit Your Locale

Do you operate a scuba shop in South Dakota, or manufacture snow blowers in Malibu? If your products do not fit your locale, having an online merchant account is critical for reaching your demographic.

Businesses that sell products not associated with their locale often do over eighty percent of their business online. If what you sell seems like a bad idea in light of your locale, an Internet merchant account could save the day.

Your Website Advertises Products but Lacks a Payment Gateway

Advertising products on a website that lacks a payment gateway is like running a restaurant that has menus but no waiters. If you advertise something online, you should provide an efficient means of purchasing it through your website. A website that lacks a payment gateway usually asks customers to pay by mail or telephone, neither of which is as hassle-free as paying online with a credit card.

You Need to Increase Revenue without Adding Store Locations

In the current economy, businesses that expand store locations take on a risk that is difficult to calculate. If consumers do not respond to the expansion in a dramatic way, bankruptcy could ensue.

Selling online gives businesses a way to expand their sales territory without expanding their locations. Research shows that accepting credit payment online can boost a business’ sales by over seventy percent. If you need a low risk, high reward solution for increasing revenue, opening an online merchant account could be the answer.

Your Products Can be Shipped Anywhere

If you sell products that can be shipped anywhere, selling them online only makes sense. According to a survey by the Leisure Trends Group, one-third of active Americans prefer to shop online instead of in store due to the variety and lack of sales pressure that are offered by the former. Selling online does more than accommodate your business; it also accommodates consumers.

AVPS has the Ecommerce Solutions You Need

At AVPS, we provide ecommerce solutions that help businesses improve their sales revenue, including Internet merchant accounts. We also provide the equipment necessary to accept secure credit, debit and check payment. Whether your business needs a card processing terminal or one or more merchant accounts, contact us today.