Small Business Loans Still Hard to Come By — Have You Considered a Merchant Cash Advance?


Small Business Loans Still Hard to Come By


“Small Business Lending is Slow to Recover,” read a recent Wall Street Journal article. The write-up was focused on how small businesses have fared in the long road out of “The Great Recession,” which some recent figures have suggested may have been worse than the “Great Depression” itself (at least according to recent comments by former Fed chief Ben Bernanke…)

The Slow Recovery of Small Business Lending

According to the article, “small-business lending has been stuck in a slow, grinding recovery behind most other types of business and consumer loans. At the end of the first quarter, banks held $585 billion in loans to small businesses, up 1% from last September but still 18% less than the peak of $711 billion in 2008.”


Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

The write-up then profiles some successful businesses, particularly in the Southeast, who have attracted a steady flow of customers, and still can’t loans.  This isn’t so much the fault of the businesses, but rather, the surviving banks they now have to deal with:

“Following the bank failures and a push by many surviving banks to rein in and simplify their loan underwriting, ‘relationship lending is gone,’ says Todd Anduze, director of the government-funded Small Business Development Center in Carrollton, which advises small firms on financing and business planning. ‘Now, if you don’t fit into their box, you’re not getting that loan.’”

Consider Merchant Cash Advances

Luckily, for small businesses, there are alternatives to conventional loans — namely, Merchant Cash Advances.

AVP Solutions’ Approach

It’s AVP Solutions’ own version of “relationship banking.” Instead, with an MCA, AVPS can make capital accessible to businesses through a simple application, high approval rates, and funding within a week.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

Learn more about our MCA program here — but essentially, the program works by you, the merchant, selling us a fixed dollar amount of your future credit and debit card sales at a discount. Through an automated process, we then retrieve a fixed percentage from each subsequent sale.

Qualifying for a Merchant Cash Advance

And to qualify, we don’t ignore flocking customers or thriving businesses! In fact, by valuing strong business models even over strong credit scores, we can provide funding for merchants with a cash advance to use in any area of your business!

Put Funds to Good Use

You can use this influx of cash to increase inventory, buy equipment, market your expanding business, or more!

Start Your Application

To initiate a Merchant Cash Advance with AVPS, simply complete our straightforward application process.

In addition, provide us with four months of current bank statements, and, if you already have processing, four months of processing statements, too.

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

Questions? We love answering those! We certainly take the “relationship” part seriously — even if the banks no longer do!