Summer is for “fishing” — not “phishing!” Some protection tips from AVPS!


Summer is for “fishing” — not “phishing!” Some protection tips from AVPS!

Protection Tips from AVPS

“Phishing” is precisely what it sounds like – a “fishing” expedition by malicious individuals, often using seemingly “legitimate” emails or other methods, to capture sensitive information about you and your customers. You should only be engaged in one type of “fishing” during the summer, and it’s not the “ph” kind. Here are some AVPS protection tips to help you stay safe and steer clear of falling victim to phishing attempts.

Avoid Downloading Suspicious Attachments or Clicking on ‘Fishy’ Links

Often, deceptive emails attempt to mimic trusted sources, such as banks, credit card companies, or ISPs. When these emails prompt you to download an ‘account statement’ or click on a link to ‘verify account information,’ resist the urge. Instead, as a precaution, you can copy the URL and paste it into a separate tab to check its authenticity, ensuring it isn’t a trojan horse in disguise. Additionally, be aware that such ‘attachments’ frequently hide software ‘worms’ designed to infiltrate your system.

Protect Your Terminal

Always safeguard your MID numbers and other sensitive details such as terminal IDs. While card providers, including Visa and others, possess this information, phishers masquerading as banks often seek it out. Moreover, be vigilant about unexpected “terminal maintenance” on POS devices. If any service inquiries or information requests about processing devices surface, promptly reach out to AVPS.

Review With Employees

Consistently review the procedures outlined here with your employees. Additionally, restrict access to MID numbers, acquirer’s BIN, and similar data to essential personnel only, helping to minimize the risk of unintentional leaks.”

Make Sure Anti-Fraud Software Is Up-To-Date

Surprisingly, numerous businesses frequently overlook this straightforward step. Considering the infamous ‘Target Breach,’ it’s possible that the incident stemmed from a vendor who neglected their anti-malware software updates. Consequently, it’s vital to regularly update all safeguards against malware and viruses, and also to ensure every employee terminal connected to the system is similarly protected.


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And remember: This summer, it’s fishin’ — not “phishin’!”