Summer is for “fishing” — not “phishing!” Some protection tips from AVPS!

Some protection tips

Protection Tips from AVPS

“Phishing” is precisely what it sounds like – a “fishing” expedition by malicious individuals, often using seemingly “legitimate” emails or other methods, to capture sensitive information about you and your customers. You should only be engaged in one type of “fishing” during the summer, and it’s not the “ph” kind. Here are some AVPS protection tips to help you stay safe and steer clear of falling victim to phishing attempts.

Avoid Downloading Suspicious Attachments or Clicking on ‘Fishy’ Links

Suspect emails will often try to appear as if they’re coming from a trusted source like a bank, credit card company, ISP, etc. If the email is asking you to download an “account statement,” or click through a link to “verify account information,” do not. If necessary, you can copy the URL and paste it in another tab, to see if it’s actually real, and not a trojan horse. The “attached files” will often contain software “worms” to burrow through your system.

Protect Your Terminal

Do not give out MID numbers, or any other sensitive information, like terminal IDs, etc. Card providers like Visa, et al, already have this info, but “phishers” posing as banks might want it. Beware any sudden, unscheduled “terminal maintenance” with POS devices. Always call AVPS when questions arise about service or info requests on processing devices.

Review With Employees

Make sure you have regular reviews with employees about some of the procedures listed here. Also try to limit the “need to know” basis for MID numbers, acquirer’s BIN, etc., to reduce the possibility of inadvertent leaks

Make Sure Anti-Fraud Software Is Up-To-Date

Many businesses overlook this simple step surprisingly often. The infamous “Target Breach” incident might have originated from a vendor neglecting to update their anti-malware software. Make sure to regularly update all protections for malware, viruses, etc., and ensure that all employee terminals connected to the system have them.


Ask AVP Solutions! That’s what we’re here for!

And remember: This summer, it’s fishin’ — not “phishin’!”

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