Holiday Shopping Kicks Off to Record Sales — In China!

Black Friday may not quite be here yet, but in Canada, Thanksgiving has already come and gone, and in China — well, there they’re setting records already for online holiday shopping. We refer to the just-concluded “Singles Day,” in China, which comes on 11/11 — the idea being that all those “ones” emphasize “single-ness.” As Bloomberg News describes it “Singles’ Day, a Chinese twist on Valentine’s Day, was invented by students in the 1990s… When written numerically, the date is reminiscent of bare branches, the Chinese expression for bachelors and spinsters.”

How To Accept Credit Cards On Your Website

If you have a website, you will need to be able to accept credit cards through your website (unless you want to wait for checks to be mailed and cleared, and we’re sure you don’t!). But don’t fret, AVP Solutions makes it easy to start accepting credit cards online.