Plans Move Forward for “Same Day ACH”

You know about ACH — those Automated Clearing House payments that we also offer here at AVPS. Sometimes called “Electronic Check Processing,” it is, as our own website notes, “a form of electronic payment… often confused with a wire transfer because it works in a similar fashion. However, unlike a traditional wire transfer, it can be used to process higher amounts, or for small payments which may settle from 1 to 2 business days.”

Getting Clear on Automated Clearing House — What ACH Can Do For You

ACH, or “Automated Clearing House,” has been in the financial news of late, particularly in a couple of MarketWatch articles about ongoing changes to the system of payments, particularly in this era of instantaneous digits.

….And Yet, M-Commerce — and M-Everything — Is Still On the Rise!

The headline is a direct follow up to last week’s blog post, which concerned one merchant’s unfortunate overreaction to “showrooming,” that mobile-device enabled method of seeing a product “live” in a store, then turning to a handy screen to see if you can get it for a better price.

More on the Young, and their Credit

A few weeks back, we mentioned some conflicting reports on young adults and their use of credit.  On the one hand, they were getting deeper in debt — due to sluggish job prospects and increased school costs, among other things. On the other, they were generally preferring to use debit cards, instead of credit cards, to pay for things where plastic was required, to avoid piling up even more debt.

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Defining ACH Processing for Businesses

Written checks are not the most efficient for businesses to accept payment or consumers to purchase items these days. Checks are not as convenient for payroll and business supply purchases. ACH processing has taken the place of written checks. Businesses now use this transaction method to provide payroll to employees, pay bills, and accept customer payments. Customers pay with their routing and account numbers. Single or multiple payments may be created online or checks can be electronically filed at the time of purchase.

Can Your Company Benefit from ACH Transaction Processing?

Knowing what an ACH payment is will help you determine if this type of transaction is beneficial to your business. Electronic check transactions are a payment that is processed directly by the Automated Clearing House Network. In its simplest form, an electronic check transaction is the transfer of funds between accounts. They are most commonly used for payments to service providers, employee earnings, fund transfers, and supplier payments. Payments do not require paper and other resources that increase spending.