The Yin and Yang of It: Retailers Push for Secure Cards, Target Already Tried Them

The news of course, in the wake of the most infamous consumer data breach yet, just gets newsier. Some reports indicate that information going back as far as ten years, on Target customers, could have been pilfered in the breach. One couple near the U.S. / Mexican border was arrested after having a cache of false credit cards in their possession, made from what appears to be a  fraction of the stolen data.

The Science of Credit Card Fraud

We take a brief break from the general cheeriness of our holiday reportage. If you haven’t seen it, PBS’ “Nova” — the science reporting show — had an article on their website from one of their contributors about how his identity was hacked, and used in an attempt to run up credit card charges.

How to Avoid Merchant Services Fraud When Beginning to Accept Consumer Credit Payments

Scams are abundant in business today no matter what type of service is being acquired. At a minimum, fraud may include concealed fees or altered information regarding a merchant services account. The modified information can be things such as fees, prices, or account features. Hidden fees are one of the most common scams associated with any type of business or individual service