MasterCard’s Tips On Protecting Yourself During “Bug” Season  — Pt. I

If you’re talking about the internet, online transactions, and electronic payments, unfortunately, you don’t have to wait for winter for it to be “bug” season – there are always plenty of “viruses” and contagions to command your interest!

POS Attacks May Be Declining (But…); Consumers Turning to Prepaid?

Certainly good news would be welcome on the internet and data security fronts these days. Technology website CRN may have some, in a story whose headline proclaims that “despite Prominent Retail Breaches, POS System Attacks Decline.”

Card Merchant Services: How Can In Store Payments Be Processed?

You have decided to accept credit transactions as a way to provide more convenience to customers. Technology has made it possible to accept credit payments just about anywhere. Consumers can purchase merchandise or pay for services online, by phone, through mail, and at particular locations. Getting started is the most difficult task associated with this business step because there are so many options and unknown factors involved with card merchant services. Various methods are available for accepting customer charges.