Notes from the Land of “Euro” in “EMV”

As we’ve noted in this space before, “EMV” is coming — sooner rather than later — to America. It’s that standard — already adopted in Europe and Asia — of having an additional chip on your charge card, as well as an additional means of authenticating any charges made in person, like use of a PIN or a signature.

Holiday Highlights and Headlines: Season Off to a Solid Start

Hopefully there were some “takeaways” at your Thanksgiving — along the lines of turkey, pie, stuffing, and more, making for some nice leftovers for the long holiday weekend.  But if those “takeaways” have been eaten up, we have a few more now that some of the returns are in on shopping and consumer trends with this season’s official Black Friday/Cyber Monday kickoff:

Card Payment Services: Providing More Innovative Compensation Choices

Nowadays, businesses accept card payments for almost everything. Services that help your business handle these card payments can work online,…