Visa Raising Standards on Prepaid Debit Cards

According to a recent NY Times article, Visa is responding to consumer concerns that prepaid cards are often trickier to use — or to give — than they should be, since fees and terms often differ, leaving users confused, or simply with less of a balance than they imagined they had.

Cards in Hand: What Your Customers Like Using Charge and Debit For

Georgia-based Total Systems Services Inc., or TSYS, is out with their 2013 Consumer Payment Choice Study. And while the main purpose of the study was to find out how anxious, or ready, customers were to turn their mobile devices into wallets, though the secondary information in the survey — what types of plastic consumers prefer for which kinds of transactions — was perhaps just as illuminating.

Debit Card Payment Services: What Do You Need to Get Started?

A debit card serves as an alternative method for consumers without credit to pay for items in store and online.…