Taking Checks Still a Good Idea & Other Fallout from Recent Breaches

A thoughtful analysis on Pymnts. com talks about some of the unexpected “fallout” from the recent high-profile credit card breaches. One might expect that such an event would accelerate the calls for adapting more secure “EMV” card standards here, or even spark discussions on whether customers should have ever-shifting “account numbers,” etc., as a way of minimizing security risks. And those discussions have happened.

On the Road: Best Cards For the Season Ahead

Memorial Day beckons as the official kick-off to the summer travel season, but your AVPS blog correspondents already have one child flying back from college for the break, and we’ve booked an interestingly complicated itinerary for a summer flight of our own. So travel season, it appears, is here.

….And Yet, M-Commerce — and M-Everything — Is Still On the Rise!

The headline is a direct follow up to last week’s blog post, which concerned one merchant’s unfortunate overreaction to “showrooming,” that mobile-device enabled method of seeing a product “live” in a store, then turning to a handy screen to see if you can get it for a better price.

More on the Young, and their Credit

A few weeks back, we mentioned some conflicting reports on young adults and their use of credit.  On the one hand, they were getting deeper in debt — due to sluggish job prospects and increased school costs, among other things. On the other, they were generally preferring to use debit cards, instead of credit cards, to pay for things where plastic was required, to avoid piling up even more debt.

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