AOL Business Article: Accepting Plastic “Outweighs the Cons”

We were struck by a long and thoughtful article recently posted on AOL Business, with the headline “Can You Afford to Run a Cash-Only Business?” The first section dealt with some of the admitted advantages from a “cash on the barrelhead” approach — every penny that comes in stays with the business, and you are also absolved from any worries about security breaches, hacks, banks raising fees, etc.

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Card Merchant Service: Picking a Service That Works for Your Business

The merchant service provider  a business chooses determines the profitability of both current and future customer transactions. Unreliable processors or ones that charge excessive fees can be detrimental to the profits of smaller companies. Other factors such as current transaction handling processes and location setup also play a part in the service provider chosen. Offered services should match the specific needs of the business.